Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf Course Layout

  • Hole #1 270′ Flat tight fairway. With the basket placed on the hillside a missed put or even a well placed lay-up could wind up rolling back down the hill. Parking lot to the right and road beyond basket are OB.
  • Hole #2 243′ Tee off from the pavilion. Down hill shot to the right. Easy bird for a sidearm or a lefty.
  • Hole #3 148′ This is a blind shot up and over the nature trail. It starts in the “bowl” and the pin placement is on a slight downhill grade on the other side of the hill. If you can hit the “window” you should card a birdie.
  • Hole #4 287′ Down hill long tight fairway. Slight break to the left about half way down the fairway. If you can keep it between the trees a birdie is possible.
  • Hole #5 382′ Long slight uphill for most of the fairway. Pin placement on the hillside going up to the baseball.
  • Hole #6. 288Ft. From left-center field fence, throw down the new clearing to the target tucked into the trees on the right side of the fairway.
  • Hole #7. 350Ft Follows the nature trail into the woods. Approx. 375ft. Be careful of the swamp ALL the way down the left side.
  • Hole #8. 150Ft Plays just outside of the woods on back side of a group of trees. Will offer both lefties and righties a shot.
  • Hole #9. 350Ft. BIG right hand turn over sloped ground. The only flat spot is the tee. A bad landing could roll into the road, OB. Watch for cars coming from the soccer fields.
  • Hole #10 410Ft. Elevated tee plays over practice football field.
  • Hole #11. 458Ft. In the beginning the hole will play over the side lines of the football field. Green is overlooking the rock bank of the creek.
  • Hole #12. 246Ft. Mirror image of #7. Hyzer shot over the swamp. Safe play through the woods.
  • Hole #13. 225ft Nice right fade at the end. Great lefty or sidearm hole. Big drop-off beyond basket.
  • Hole #14. 475Ft. Total. 175Ft out of woods then 300Ft to basket at the bottom of the bank, around the corner from #5.
  • Hole #15 158′ Short, straight, downhill with a narrow opening into the woods. Pin placed between two trees The most “ACED” hole at the course.
  • Hole #16 213′ Sweeping left hand curve all the way from the tee to the pin. Watch for the MANDO. Drop zone at the right side of bridge.
  • Hole #17 173Ft Very tight fairway. Mando to keep discs away from baseball fields.
  • Hole #18 225Ft. Tee off from the pavilion. Straight down hill shot with a fast green. Well placed shot could roll to the creek.

Driving Directions: 111 Walkers Way, Easley, SC 29642