August 2011 Recreation Committee Meeting

Recreation Committee Meeting

August 9, 2011, 8:00 a.m.

Conference Room City Hall

Members Present: City Administrator Fox Simons, Mayor Larry Bagwell, Councilman Brian Garrison, Councilman Chris Mann, Councilwoman Kim Valentin, Gregg Powell, Scott Price.

The press was notified and Jeff Brush with The Easley Patch, and Jason Evans with the Easley Progress was present.  Lisa Garrett served as the recording secretary.

Councilman Garrison called the meeting to order and turned it over to Mr. Simons.

First item discussed was the gym floor.  Service Master has been out drying the floor but it is still buckling. The estimate to repair is approximately $50,000 and it will be filed on the city’s insurance. The work will begin Aug. 10th.  Gregg is currently working on getting estimates from different sprinkler companies to try and correct this problem from happening again.

The concession stand is out to bid the budget was $175,000 to $200,000. So far the low bid is $325,000.00.  The kitchen and acceleration in building prices if the reason for the high estimates.

Pre-bid for the batting cages opens the 16th. There is also some concern in pricing for this project also.

Florence and Hutchin is giving an estimate to fix the parking lot where the soccer fields are.  All three of these projects will be discussed when all the cost are in.

With the BLWS just completing the Mayor had some concern over the lack of shade at the fields for the spectators.  He would like some discussion on which is more important, batting cages or shade.  But the question was how shade can be utilized and still see the field from the press box.

The new playground equipment is in at Hagood Park.  Suggestions have been made for a dog park within the city.  Hagood Park has a good location for this type of park but again trees would need to be planted for more shade.  The plan for Hagood also includes 2 sand volleyball courts and the tennis and basketball courts being resurfaced.  Also a possible horseshoe area and gravel parking.

The Dog Park would have separate areas for small dogs and large dogs.  Dogs cannot be left unattended. There would also be water fountains for dogs and their owners. Benches would also be provided.

Councilwoman Valentin suggested some type of art work be put up along the walking trail at the complex.  Have the schools, for example, have students art work (large scale) displayed for a certain length of time and it changed out several types a year or every so many weeks.  This could encourage more people to use the trails.

Mr. Simons met with Charlie Johnson, a consultant out of Chicago, about doing a market analysis for naming rights at the complex. The cost would be $8800.00.  This could possibly bring in $50,000 in revenue over a 10 yr period of time for one name right, i.e. Wachovia Bank Court, Palmetto Easley Hospital Field, etc. After the study Gregg and Scott would solicit sponsorship.   Mayor Bagwell suggested Scott Price do the job instead of paying someone else to do the same thing. Councilwoman Valentin was in agreement with the Mayor. Councilman Mann suggested a sub-committee of the recreation committee of citizens to help with marketing ideas and get involved to bring in more contacts.  Everyone was in agreement.

Councilman Mann suggested having a brick walkway between fields 3 and 1 and sell the bricks as a fund raiser.  More information will be obtained on this project.

Scott Price suggested the complex have better signage directing people to the different fields, more information to come on this.

The gym hours were discussed; currently the gym is open from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  mon-sat. and 1-5 on Sundays. Councilman Mann suggested the committee talk to the people who are using the gym in the early morning hours and see how it would affect them if the hours were changed. There was also some discussion on charging a higher fee for out of city residence. This was tabled until the next meeting.

There was some discussion about a plaque in the gym for the Mayor with his bio and picture; also one for J.B. Red Owens. This way visitors would know who these people are and why the park was named after them.

The City Athletic Hall of Fame was discussed briefly. The last person inducted was Stanley Morgan in 1990. It was suggested that a citizen committee be formed to set up some criteria.

The committee will meet again in 4-6 weeks. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.